Reagent Determination

Utilizing years of experience, testing and knowledge, EMS will help you in determining the best drying reagent to meet your solidification needs. Whether it’s rapid drying, increased compressive strength, increasing pH, or tying up metals, EMS has the reagent for you.

Logistic Services

Customers don’t remember the on-time deliveries, they remember the ones that don’t make it. EMS has a large network of carriers in their arsenal that we use to ensure on-time delivery. Big projects or small, scheduled work or the last-minute order, EMS caters to your scheduling needs.

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR)

Full Depth Reclamation is a pavement repair process in which the pavement surface and failing sub-base are pulverized, mixed with Portland cement and water, and compacted to produce a stronger durable base which then receives a stone or asphalt overlay. In the last 5 years, EMS and its FDR contractor have completed over 700 miles of FDR on roads and in the construction of well pads in the oil and gas exploration and recovery industry.

Dolomitic Quicklime

Hi-Calcium Quicklime

Blended Hot lime

AG Lime

Portland Cement

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)

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